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District 5 Unity in Diversity Award - May 2007

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition 

Mayors Award 1998 


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Image What is at the root of many conflicts? How can we show respect in our language and actions?  How can we respect those who have conflicting beliefs and perspectives and yet still keep our integrity?  How do we rise beyond the barriers of race, gender, class, ability, etc.? These questions are just a sampling of what Silicon Valley youth delegates wrestle with each year at the Annual Diversity Youth Forum. 

ImagePresented by Oriki Theater, the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View, and the Mountain View Los Altos High School district, the annual forum provides an avenue for students to interact, exchange ideas, and develop action plans regarding issues of diversity. The forum's mission is to create a generation of youth that has a healthy appreciation and acceptance of our rich and diverse community. 

ImageOver 1500 students and teachers have participated in the program since its inception in 1998.  Past themes include:  Beyond the Amistad Experience (1998), Beyond Barriers: Race, Gender, Class... (1999), Sharing our Experiences (2000), Our Perceptions, Our Realities (2001), What have we learned? (2002), Generation Y - a search for a definition (2002), Dis..Respect (2004), Building Bridges (2005), and Braving the Diversity Storm? in 2006. 

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Prior to your existence, there was a void in this community of real, educational, entertaining, informative African culture.

- NAACP – San Jose / Silicon Valley Chapter

…for your contribution to enriching the life of the community particularly through programming in schools

- City of Mountain View Mayor’s Award, 1998

In recognition of outstanding and invaluable contribution to the community.

- Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, awarded to Oriki Theater, 10/25/03

This is a group dead-set on presenting authentic African culture

- The Metro